Mycol Discovery Seminar

The Company sells mushroom blends composed of proprietary hybrid strains it grows.  The strains used are not commercially available from other growers for national and international distribution.  The products are produced for integrative health care as evidence-based complementary protocols. The mushrooms are grown in sterile clean room facilities on certified organic substrates.  Once grown, the medicinal mushrooms are dried and processed into a powdered form, blended and then packaged as proprietary blends.

Our corporate mission is to grow hybrid strains of medicinal mushrooms, formulate blends and disseminate these products into the healthcare market infrastructure. We provide education to bridge the gap between the research knowledge of our products and its use in clinical practice for alternative protocols.

We are creating a market through consumer and health care professionals’ education to spread the use of our products as non-invasive protocols to ultimately become standards of care.  We provide excellent education and training for the consumer and health care professionals so that they can become informed users of the various medicinal mushroom products developed from university laboratories strains that were used in controlled studies. We grow the same strains of the various species that they created.

The Company is expanding capacity to support an ever-increasing demand.

The Company currently sells product as a food, so no FDA regulations for drugs or nutraceuticals apply other than to register with the FDA.  No claims are made that the product cures anything.

Currently, few manufacturers or distributors sell quality fungi extensively to health care professionals, hospitals and medical food services and: (1) none have our hybrid strains (2) none have our quality and safety standards (3) few use our organic substrates to grow mushroom strains (4) none use sterile clean rooms for the growing, processing and packaging (5)  none have a shelf life of four years or more

The principals have done extensive research over a twelve-year period. Products are currently being sold. The company’s formulas and products therefore have no direct competition because of the unique strains, proprietary formulas, organic substrates used, and the quality standards for the growing and harvesting of the hybrid mushroom strains. Most medicinal mushroom products are extracts made from mushrooms of unknown origins and grown on soil or unknown substrates.  Soil and non-sterile substrates used in production increase the risk of viral and bacterial contamination, the incorporation of heavy metals and toxins, and higher product variability.

The products harness the newly realized potential of newly created medicinal mushroom strains from university laboratories that provide nutritional support to the body’s immune and nervous systems.

New weights and name changes 12/2018 (you get more with no price increase)

Proprietary blends: 1)
Immune Health, 2) Neural & Cognitive Health, 3) Blood Sugar Health, 4) Liver Health.

The packaging for each product comes in three sizes:

  • (590 grams), 1.3 pounds/20.8 oz. [236 teaspoons] in a container 
  • (295 grams) .65 pounds/10.4 oz. [118 teaspoons] in a container 
  • (196 grams) .43 pounds/ 6.9 oz. [78 teaspoons] in a container

The growing of the product takes 70 days to grow, process and package all of the strains.  There are 5 growing cycles per cubic foot of growing space in a year.

The science behind the cultivation and blending of our medicinal mushrooms has been assembled by the Quantum Health Human Research Institute (, and is based on selected case studies from each collaborating university, research articles and peer-reviewed literature contained within the National Library of Medicine.

The team researched and compiled scientific data and executed various experiments to determine the most important chemical breakdown and health benefits of the hybrid strains of medical mushroom species grown on various substrates and the formulations and packaging for beta testing of the products.

The benefits of mushroom compounds on different clinical conditions have attracted the interest of the scientific community in the last decade in order to understand the molecular mechanisms. This research is complicated by the fact that there are vast amounts of molecules found in the various species and hybrid new strains, making it literally impossible to know all of the mechanisms and pathways leading to favorable outcomes by ingesting these mushroom products.

Myshrooms® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. All statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.